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Recent SLGE Summit Probes Evolving Social Contract

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) June 18, 2015

Fiscal constraints and changing demographics are challenging the social contract between state and local governments and their employees.

Nationally recognized experts and practitioners gathered in Washington, DC, at the Retirement Security Summit hosted last week by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE). Speakers described the effects of pension and health benefit changes, retirement income trends, and shifting demographics on the evolving social contract with employees.

The event was moderated by Peter Harkness, founder and publisher emeritus of Governing magazine, with keynote speaker Dallas Salisbury, President and CEO of Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

SLGE President and CEO Elizabeth Kellar opened the Summit with 2015 workforce trends data, noting that for the second year in a row, a majority of state and local governments are reporting increases in hiring. The good news is tempered, she said, because the sectors employment is almost 600,000 lower than it was before the Great Recession and more employees retired last year than the year before.

SLGEs annual survey of state and local government human resource professionals, released last week, was conducted with the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) and the National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE) and highlights the talent challenges ahead:

Recruiting and retaining qualified personnel with needed skills to public service was the top concern of respondents, followed by succession planning and staff development.
A majority of respondents reported that their governments have made changes to their health benefits for the sixth year in a row
Thirteen percent of respondents reported shifting their employees to a high deductible health insurance plan paired with a Health Savings Account.

She noted that virtually every state had made significant changes to its pension plans over the last decade. You might think that these changes to benefits would be offset by increases in wages, she said, but state and local revenues have not yet returned to their 2007 levels, so wage increases have been modest, at best. State and local government wages and salaries increased by 1.6 percent in the 12-month period ending December 2014, compared with a private-sector increase of 2.2 percent over the same period.

Keynote speaker Dallas Salisbury discussed the pendulum swings and trends affecting retirement programs. He described the period from 1933-1980 as driven by the New Deal, Great Society, Health, and Well Being. Defined benefit retirement plans and social insurance were seen as good policies in that era. He contrasted that with the period from 1980 to the present, beginning with President Reagans advocacy of individualism, liberty, and choice. These values correlate with the movement to defined contribution plans and a more negative view of social insurance.

There are real debates about retirement plan objectives, Salisbury said. Is the objective retirement income or portable savings? Is the objective to provide adequate retirement savings for long-service workers or a percentage of pay to all workers?

At the Summits first session, Retirement Income Trends and Pension Reforms, speakers examined the fiscal health of public pension plans and discussed the implications of benefit reforms on retirement income and savings.

Moderator Peter Harkness remarked that There is a perception in the press and the public that the sky is falling for public pensions. This perception does not seem to match the facts.

Dana Bilyeu, Executive Director of the National Association of State Retirement Administrators noted that the good news on public pensions often is not reported. Most states are doing a good job of funding their annual required contribution (ARC) for their defined benefit plans, but there are a few outliers. The reality is that while the costs to meet the ARC have been going up, so, too, have states efforts to maintain funding.

AARPs Director of Financial Security and Consumer Affairs Gerri Madrid-Davis stressed that employees are being asked to assume greater responsibility for their retirement as a result of state and local government fiscal constraints. Workers are being asked to work longer and pay more, she said, These changes will have an impact on recruitment and retention of workers.

The Summits session, The New Social Contract with Employees, focused on changing demographics, fiscal constraints, the growing freelance economy, and how changes to benefits affect recruitment and retention.

Joshua Franzel, Vice President of Research for SLGE noted, The state and local government workforce is aging, with more employees now making career moves in an improving economy, while benefit costs and political environments are making it difficult to increase state and local wages. How states and localities manage these variables will ultimately determine the makeup and quality of their future workforce.

Investments in employees need to be a top priority, not an afterthought, said Neil Reichenberg, Executive Director of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources. Talent management is the number one issue reported by human resource directors, yet only 27 percent of governments engage in succession planning.

Rebecca Hunter, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Human Resources, echoed this trend, noting that the cost-cutting environment can prompt a conversation about the short- sightedness of reducing expenditures for training and development. A chief executive officer might object to such a cut, asking, What if we dont train them and they stay?

Steve Kreisberg. Director of Collective Bargaining & Health Care Policy, AFSCME, speculated that the whole workforce dynamic may change. The Uber model is instructive, he said, and shows what can happen with the atomization of the workforce. If were all Uberized, where do I get my benefits? Traditionally, we have gotten our benefits from the employer in the U.S. Benefits come from the state in Europe. If we dont have regular employers in the future and we cant agree on the Affordable Care Act, how do we provide health care?

The final session focused on strategies to boost retirement savings with a case study of the City of Los Angeles retirement planning tool.

Ms. Kellar highlighted the importance of finding ways to make it easier for employees to increase their retirement savings. Inertia is a big part of the savings problem, said Kellar. Most of us need a nudge to do something that requires discipline, whether that is an exercise program or saving for retirement. Behavioral economists have found that an effective savings nudge can be to automatically enroll employees in retirement savings plans.

Steven Montagna, Chief Personnel Analyst for the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department gave an overview of the Citys supplemental defined contribution plan which has a 69 percent participation rate, compared to a 40 percent national average. The City established a mission for the plan to help employees achieve retirement income security, defined as 100% replacement of lifestyle income upon retirement. To help employees reach this goal, the City created a calculator that allows employees to calculate the gap between their current savings and their lifestyle income replacement goals. Since its implementation a year ago, the tool has been used more than 28,000 times. AARPs Gerri Madrid-Davis said of the Los Angeles plan: The fact that you are building this at 100 percent of replacement income is a blockbuster. For a long time, our industry has had a perception that people will need less money in retirement. Instead, what we find is that people are increasingly entering retirem

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Finding Online Auto Insurance Discounts – Easier With Quotes!

(PRWEB) April 30, 2015 has released a new blog post explaining how to find advantageous auto insurance discounts by comparing car insurance quotes.

Finding low cost coverage is no longer difficult. Drivers can now qualify for multiple auto insurance discounts, simply by following some a few steps. Getting the best auto insurance offers is no longer difficult, as comparison services are now widely available and are free.

It is now simple and efficient to compare quotes. Drivers can do this by visiting a single website: Here, they can compare the best policies from their area in just a few minutes. The website also offers important car insurance tips and advice, which helps many drivers find the best possible rates. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand name insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit:

Find More Free Health Insurance Quotes Press Releases

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CCHR Seeks Public Input on Psychotropic Drug Billing and Psychiatric Abuse: Applauds Congressmen for Behavioral Hospitals Investigation Call

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) applauds Congressmen Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) and Danny Davis (D-IL) for writing to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), requesting the federal agency speed up its investigation into the nations largest behavioral healthcare system, Universal Health Services (UHS).[1] CCHR is expanding its seven-year review of UHS facilities and is seeking further information from employees, patients, family members or friends of those who allege psychotropic drug billing and financial and patient abuse in such psychiatric and behavioral facilities that bill Medicaid, Medicare or other healthcare insurance companies.

In March, UHS headquarters in Pennsylvania was added to a multi-federal agency investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services looking into 21 of its psychiatric facilities.[2] Among the more than 195 UHS psychiatric and behavioral centers, $ 3.7 billion in revenue is generated annually.[3]

The UHS filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, states: In February, 2013, the OIG served a subpoena requesting various documents from January, 2008 to the date of the subpoena directed at Universal Health Services, Inc. A DOJ investigation is also focusing on UHS billing. In late March, 2015, the UHS reported: We were notified that the investigation conducted by the Criminal Frauds Section [of the DoJ] has been expanded to include UHS as a corporate entity arising out of the coordinated investigation.[2]

CCHR has documented numerous complaints about private psychiatric facilities, including unlawful and damaging use of restraints (even on young children), restraint deaths, and teenagers and other patients being so violently handled that one patient’s arm was broken and another required a lower-leg amputation. There are also ample reports of excessive doses and heavy reliance on psychiatric drugs antidepressants, antipsychotics, stimulants and sedative-hypnoticswhich can be billed to Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance plans.

Former 11-year U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General, Richard Kusserow, acknowledged that “many health care fraud investigators believe mental health caregivers, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, have the worst fraud record of all medical disciplines.”[4]

As part of its investigation into prescribing and billing practices, CCHR found:

One psychiatrist working at a behavioral center in Florida between 2009-2013, wrote 5,819 prescriptions in 2012three times greater than the average of 1,801 prescriptions for all psychiatrists in Florida. This same psychiatrist billed $ 140,000 to Medicare for procedures and services in 2012, which is $ 93,654 more than the average for Florida psychiatrists. And, between 2009-2014, the psychiatrist received $ 278,795 from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture psychotropic drugs.[5]
Another Florida psychiatrist billed Medicare $ 891,371, receiving Medicare reimbursement to the tune of $ 367,023a whopping $ 339,838 more than the average for Florida psychiatrists.[6]
Four psychiatrists at Dallas, Texas, psychiatric center billed Medicare $ 666,836 for services in 2012 with Medicare reimbursing more than $ 314,290. One psychiatrist accounted for $ 184,000, which was $ 166,166 more than the average psychiatrist’s Medicare payment in Texas.[7]
The abuse in the mental health system is not limited to the federal Medicare system. A June 2015 report released by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) reports “the high rates of psychotropic medication use in the Medicaid population, risks associated with these drugs, and research documenting inappropriate prescribing, have raised concerns, especially for children involved in the child welfare system and older adults with dementia.”[8]

About 14% of Medicaid beneficiaries used a psychotropic drug during calendar year 2011, at a cost of nearly $ 8 billion in fee-for-service for psychotropic drugs 30% of the program’s total fee-for-service drug spending.[8]

While the financial cost of psychiatric fraud is being revealed, there are much more disturbing data. For example, of a sample of some 533 psychiatrists and psychologists convicted of crimes reported to CCHR, fraud accounted for 36% (191) of the total convictions, followed by patient sexual abuse (30%) and drug-related crimes (13%). The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has declared that “rooting out healthcare fraud is central to the well-being of both our citizens and overall economy.”[9]

Based on the data so far collected, psychiatric financial and patient abuse is rampant. CCHR believes first-hand accounts of these psychiatric abuses are necessary to better understand the depth of the injury and is counting on public participation to expose the egregious harm currently being perpetrated and safeguard against future abuse.

Read the full article here.

About Citizens Commission on Human Rights: CCHR is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog. Its mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. CCHR has helped to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive mental health practices.


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CelebExperts Sees Massive Increase In Celebrity Driven Marketing Campaigns In June

Some of Drake’s most memorable lyrics will be appearing on limited edition Sprite cans this summer.

The exciting arrival of sunny, summer days gave way to a slew of creative new marketing campaigns featuring celebrity spokespeople in June. CelebExperts, a respected corporate consulting and celebrity acquisition agency, assessed each celebrity endorsement deal executed to uncover the most impactful celebrity marketing campaigns on display this month. June proved to be the most active month to date for marketing campaigns featuring a celebrity spokesperson in 2015.

The success of a celebrity spokesperson and the subsequent rollout of a celebrity marketing strategy boils down to 2 simple factors: influence and authenticity. Successful brands look to align with celebrities with global influence or related influence in their industry/core demographic. They are also hoping to employ the help of a celebrity spokesperson who can authentically articulate a desired message. These 2 factors alone can often predict the success of future celebrity marketing campaigns.

CelebExperts CEO Evan Morgenstein concluded, “Marketers are sticking with names that move the cash register! Drake, Pele, Selena Gomez and newly minted Triple Crown winner American Pharoah cut through the clutter, tell the brand story and compel consumers to make a decision.”

Below are the top 5 celebrity endorsement deals executed during the month of June:

Drake & Sprite: Sprite plans to stay fresh this summer with special marketing campaigns starring the biggest act in hip-hop. Drakes global influence matches that of the Coca-Cola Company and its iconic citrus refreshment. Drake is one of several legendary hip-hop artists including Rakim, The Notorious B.I.G. and NAS whose lyrics will appear on limited edition Sprite cans in the next few months.

Selena Gomez & Pantene: This major health & beauty brand is making a play for millennials in their latest celebrity marketing campaign with 22-year-old entertainer Selena Gomez. Selena is a non-controversial celebrity figure whose authentic persona is a marketers dream. Her core demographic represents a new breed of young, confident women who could benefit from Pantene products.

American Pharoah & Monster Energy: When it comes to lucrative endorsement deals, Monster Energy isnt horsing around. Monster inked a deal with the owners of the first Triple Crown winner in 38 years prior to the Belmont Stakes. This record setting horse let his performance and the Monster energy logo on his racing gear do all the talking. Now everyone will see that recognizable Monster logo in replays for years to come!

Dwyane Wade & NAKED Underwear: Fashion-forward NBA superstar Dwyane Wade will be a perfect fit as the new brand ambassador for this up-and-coming underwear line. NAKED is poised to become a household name thanks to Dwyanes celebrity influence and wide reputation for trendy fashion choices. Dwyane will also serve as a creative director for his own signature line of NAKED underwear debuting in 2016.

Pele & YipTV: YipTV is kickin it old-school, hiring soccer legend Pele as the companys first ever global brand ambassador. The greatest soccer player of all-time will help promote their service that provides live-channel broadcasts from around the world to multi-lingual consumers in the United States. Pele is now the familiar face of a brand that delivers a little piece of home to U.S. multi-lingual consumers.

Honorable Mentions: Missy Franklin & Speedo, Alex Morgan & Nationwide Insurance, Vanessa Lachey & The Original Brand Popsicle.

About CelebExperts

CelebExperts is a leading consulting firm dedicated to demystifying the celebrity acquisition process and finding creative solutions to effectively market your brand leveraging the power of a celebrity. For more information on how your brand could utilize a celebrity talent as a spokesperson or for any upcoming marketing campaigns please contact our team at consulting(at)celebexperts(dot)com or give us a call at (919)459-5426.

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Access To Care: WWAV & LSU Health Sciences

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is the leading cause of cervical cancer; in the United States alone, the incidence of an HPV infection in women between the ages of 18-22 is 50%. These statistics by themselves are enough to cause alarm. Now consider the factors involved in a women going to an OB/GYN clinic to be screened for the virus; consider the need to take off work, how she will commute to tImagehe clinic, the amount of waiting involved once she’s finally there, and what about child care? For these reasons, Women With A Vision has paired with LSU Health Sciences in a study focusing on the usability of a home-test kit for HPV.

Outreach worker Zina Mitchell has lead the group in recruiting community participation as well as teaching current WWAV interns the most effective way of reaching individuals. The neighborhoods specified by the study are Treme, Holly Grove, and Central City. Beginning outreach during the first week in October, we have distributed over 120 flyers to individuals in grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and to those walking down sidewalks. General reactions have been inquisitive and friendly, asking more about what we’re doing and who we are. Conversations have allowed us to explain further the reason women need to be screened for HPV, regardless if they choose to do so through this study opportunity.

Recruiting participants has proved to be an interesting endeavor; learning how best to explain the risks involved in contracting HPV as well as why learning one’s own status could lead to preventing cervical cancer. The procedure of the study randomly assigns individuals to either a clinic visit or to use a home-testing kit. Among other forms required by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), we then present the individual with a questionnaire to verify eligibility (only those between the ages of 21-64 qualify) and a pre-test that will later be compared to the post-test. For those who are assigned to the clinic, WWAV provides either bus or street car tokens or a gas card—depending on the need of the client—and then we schedule an appointment.

For those assigned to the home-testing kit, the process is a bit more involved. We have pre-made kits for the women, including instructions on how to do the test. She then inserts the provided tampon for 2 hours, removes it and places it in the given tube and plastic bag, then places the pre-paid box in the mail, destination LSU Health Sciences.

Although we are in the beginning stages of this project, we anticipate a positive response from the communities participating. The mentality behind this study, the convenience and accessibility of testing for HPV at home, explains our involvement and support of the project. The clients that we work and interact with could only benefit from an easy method allowing them to determine their own HPV status when considering the many obstacles involved in preventing them from accessing services at an OB/GYN clinic; money, child care, and transportation being just a few of the deterrents.

Limited access to care especially in the realm of health services is a known reality for the individuals and families we serve. The idea of being able to assess one’s own health status at home opens a world of possibilities and allows for the individual to reclaim his or her own power; the power of autonomy. Removing stigma as it relates to health care opens the door to myriad opportunities for individuals to protect their own bodies from disease and to manage a life-style that will lead them to a long and happy life. At-home testing for HPV will do just that.

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Crimes Against Nature by Solicitation Conviction? You may no longer have to register as a sex offender




Do you or someone you know have a Crimes Against Nature by solicitation conviction? The law has changed and you may no longer be required to register as a sex offender.

WWAV and Orleans Public Defenders are hosting 3 upcoming information sessions on how individuals can file a Motion in court to get off of the sex offender registry permanently.


  • Monday, Oct 8: 11am, 7th Ward Neighborhood Center, 1910 Urquhart Street
  • Monday, Oct 15: 6pm, 7th Ward Neighborhood Center, 1910 Urquhart Street
  • Thursday, Oct 25: 11am, 2601 Tulane Ave, 6th Floor, OPD Conference Room


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WWAV presents our new Micro-Enterprise program!

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A Call to Action: Global Sex Workers Recommend Policy Change for Better HIV Prevention and Treatment

Women With A Vision’s Executive Director, Deon Haywood, joined sex worker advocates from around the World to discuss a universal problem; policies and legislation that discriminate and criminalize sex workers. The panelist explained the faults of these policies and offered recommendations for change. The panel represented regions of Africa, Latin America, the Carribean, United States and Western Europe. Check out other amazing panels in the International Aids Conference at

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The Personal is Political

It’s been a little over a year since I became involved in Women With A Vision. And as anyone who has ever worked with us knows, that means I’ve been tasked with anything and everything. I’ve created outreach materials, helped clients complete Medicaid applications, provided clean syringes to injection drug users. But of all activities I’ve taken part in during my time at Women With A Vision, our story circles stand out.

Twice a month WWAV hosts story circles—a community-based storytelling session. Our staff, interns and participants gather around in a circle to tell stories, share our lived experiences, and find a collective voice. WWAV’s participants are overwhelmingly low-income women and transgender women of color, a number of whom are involved in the street-based economies. Story circles thus achieve the important task of centering the voices of people who are too often made invisible in our society. They not only engender a sense of community and awareness, but they also promote healing and collective action.

Timid and a little quirky, afraid that I wouldn’t gain the acceptance of our participants, I did very little talking in the first few story circles. I had come to WWAV as a student intern from University of New Orleans. And while my coursework in the sociology of gender had impassioned me, serving as the impetus for my politicization as a young Latina woman living in the South, there was also a gap between what I had been taught in the classroom and what I was now learning in our story circles. My courses at school had given me a theoretical understanding of the ways in which systems of race, gender, class, and sexuality intersect to create social inequality. But story circles lent a face and a voice to the people who live under the pressure of those inequalities. I admire our participants’ resilience, and I admire the generosity with which they shared their lives with me.

Eventually, my timidity washed away, allowing me reciprocate the same generosity our participants had shown me in sharing their stories. As I developed relationships with our participants, they came to call me ‘White Chocolate.’ Not only is this a delicious nickname, but I felt it validated my place in WWAV. That nickname is a reminder of my personal trajectory at WWAV—from a reserved to a more confident person with a deep social justice commitment.

Perhaps that’s why I so vividly remember my incredulous reaction when I got Deon’s message that “our office was torched.” Torched? As a non-native English speaker, I had initially thought: perhaps there is another definition of the word “torched” that eludes me. Because “torched” certainly couldn’t mean that our office had been set on fire. My denial was quickly punctured as our photos and videos began to circulate on the web.

In the month since fire, all of us have experienced many ups and downs. WWAV has not only been a safe haven, but it has also been a place of growth for all us. The violence of this attack is an ever-present reminder that the personal is indeed political. As we continue our rebuilding process, this awareness is what keeps all of us going. Someone tried to stamp us out by destroying the materials we use to do our work, but our work—our vision—goes so much deeper than that. It is inside all of us who are part of the WWAV family. That’s something that can’t be burned down.

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We Know Where We’ll Be On July 4th!

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WWAV First Update Video!


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